Born and raised in Paris, France, I studied architecture at the University Paris Belleville (graduated in 2012). Today, my architectural work continues to inspire my creative work. An avid drawer, who favors black and white large scale formats, I focus on the study of space, through its representation and meaning. I investigate the relationship between the macro-and-micro, interpreting the experience of their interaction.

Visual yet immaterial projection is at the core of the architectural act. It requires the architect to articulate a multiplicity of elements whose end result is greater than the sum of its parts. My works account for the multitude of elements that constitute an ecosystem – one that ultimately transcends each of those inputs. Playing with the relationships between form and content and signifier and signified is at the center of my kaleidoscopic approach.

Spectators become explorers, as they’re invited to embark on a journey – during which they’ll discover new details, new angles, new layers at every step. My work is very much a catalyst for surprise, endless possibilities, and the desire to willingly lose oneself. Depending on where eyes land, one connects with the artwork uniquely and infinitely.

Involved in Crypto Art since 2021.

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